The Albert B. Chandler University of Kentucky Hospital ECMO program ranks in the top 20 hospitals by volume for ECMO in the US. They have some of the best outcomes compared to other high volume centers in the US. Here are some interesting facts about their ECMO program:

  • In 2015 they had 67 adult ECMO cases.
  • They have the ability to use ECMO as a bridge to decision, recovery, LVAD or heart or lung transplant depending upon the patient’s need.
  • They are one of the few centers in the US that uses ambulatory ECMO to allow patients to maintain physical condition while awaiting transplant or recovery. Ambulatory ECMO improves outcomes post transplant.

They are also currently developing an adult ECMO transport team which will allow them to place patients on ECMO at outside facilities and transport those patients to UKHealthCare.

The ECMO Team:

Thomas Tribble (MCS Specialist Lead Coordinator) [left]

Julia Jones Akhtarekhavari, RN, BSN (VAD and MCS Program Manager) [right]

Sid Foundation - 60Image credit: Kuukua Wilson

To learn more about the Albert B. Chandler University of Kentucky Hospital visit their website:

To learn more about Sid’s personal experience with ECMO check out this blog.

Thank you UK Hospital for providing us with the educational ECMO images in the video.

Thank you all for your support in helping us raise funds and spread awareness about lung transplantation!