Happy New Year! 

We hope 2018 brings joy and prosperity to you all.

After everything we have accomplished in 2017, we are encouraged and excited about the possibilities of 2018 for The Sid Foundation.

Here are our five major goals for 2018:

  1. Donate between $5000-$7000 to the University of Kentucky Lung Transplant Program.
  2. Find funding for and begin developing our Lung Transplant Patient support program.
  3. Produce and publish the Lung Girl #3 comic.
  4. Find funding for and begin production on the Lung Girl animation series.
  5. Attend/host more community events to raise awareness.


If you would like more details on any of these goals or are interested in helping us reach them, please email us at info@thesidfoundation.org.

We are extremely grateful to all our donors and supporters who have helped us grow thus far. We hope to continue to build with your donations and support through 2018 and beyond.



Also, find us on social media to keep up with all our events for the year.