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Lung Girl #2

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Great news! Lung Girl #2 has hit the printer! Keep an eye out, its coming September 28, 2017 on!

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Watch Lung Girl #2 Trailer:


LUNG GIRL COMICS are available through and at all our events. Click here to buy them on Amazon now!

You can also purchase Lung Girl merchandise (t-shirts, cell phone cases, bags, pillows, etc.) at this store and this store!

Lung Girl comics are educational children’s comics published by The Sid Foundation Inc. to educate and raise awareness about lung health. All of the proceeds from selling Lung Girl Comics go directly to The Sid Foundation Inc. to help fund lung transplant research.

Follow Lung Girl and her sidekick ECMO on their adventures as they save the world from lung issues!

Watch the Lung Girl #1 Trailer below:

Also, follow Lung Girl and Ecmo on their adventures on Twitter:

Follow her on Twitter: @lung_girl

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