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Raising funds and awareness for lung transplant research


Sid Vahal
Sid Vahal

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The Sid Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for lung transplant research. Every year thousands of people receive lung transplants; however, there currently aren’t many nonprofit organizations dedicated to lung transplant research. We hope to change this over the course of the next few years by spreading knowledge and awareness about the process and requirements of lung transplants and life after lung transplants.

Please scroll through and click on the tabs on top of the page to learn more about the foundation. You can click on the “About Sid” tab to learn about Sid, who is the reason for this foundation. You can also read a more in-depth blog about Sid’s life by clicking on the “” tab. You can find the latest research and general information about lung transplants under the “About Lung Transplants” tab.

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We also offer FREE Laughter Yoga sessions! Contact us to find out more information or click on the “Laughter Yoga” tab.

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